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About DRT Mobile

Started work on DRT Mobile back in 2010. I wanted an easier way of finding schedules for Durham buses rather than having to look through their paper handouts or even the PDF files they had on their website. It was all just too clunky and hard to figure out so I set out on developing a mobile app. Originally only added the two bus routes that I frequently used. At this stage in the game I had to manually look up the geo co-ordinates on Google maps and add them to the database so they showed up as markers on the route map. I couldn't possibly add all the bus stops so I added a staggered amount along the route. Also had to draw the line geometries manually. This was the early beginnings of something useful so I ended up adding all of Oshawa and uploading the app to Google Play. The feedback I got was pretty positive so I continued mapping out the stops and parsing the schedules from the Durham Transit website until I had all of the routes across Durham. It was well worth the effort I think. Many people over the years have found the app to be very useful and at this point it was the only mobile app on the market for DRT. Fast forward to 2015, when Durham Region Transit finally mapped out all the bus stops on google maps and provided full schedules and now I have a way of putting all the stops and routes into the database without having to do it manually anymore. It may have taken 5 years and urging DRT to make a data feed available but we've finally arrived at the point in time where everyone can benefit from their new open data policy.



  • Favorite Stops - Ability to add favorite timed stops to a list for quick reference
  • Bus List - List of all buses by name and route number
  • Nearest Stops - Locator that finds all closest timed stops using GPS
  • Route Map - Color-coded routes on Google Maps for convenience
  • Alarms - Set arrival alerts for specific timed stops that will send you a notification
  • Detours - A heads-up list of any detours and route changes that may require you're attention



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