Added More Routes

I've completed the data mining scripts to adapt to the new website format and have now mapped out the new 900/900A Pulse bus route. There will be another major database update when September rolls around since DRT updates their route data at that time as well. I wanted to get the 900 Pulse in there before then because a lot of people have been asking for it. So cheers folks, enjoy. Stay tuned for further routes now that I’ve finally reprogrammed everything.

Furthermore, I finally overhauled the Map Activity to reflect the new Google Maps V2 API and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully no more APR errors (crossing my fingers) and no more waiting for what appears like nothing is happening. Added a nice progress bar indicator. Will be uploading the new packages to Google Play shortly so they will be active in the next 24hrs or whenever Google Play rolls them out.


I draw the things and program the stuff that goes beep-boop

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