Johnny’s Island

About Johnny's Island

Johnny's Island is just a simple time-waster type game. Some minimal resource management like catching fish, collecting water, and collecting logs for a raft. The goal is to get off the island as quickly as you can in 30 turns/days. There's also a survival mode. Survival mode works a little bit different where you try to last as long as you can on the island. The style of gameplay is loosely based off an old C64 game called Island Rescue and the visuals are reminiscent of an old windows screensaver called Johnny Castaway.  


  • Resource Management - Catching fish, collecting water and getting rest in the simplest form of survival
  • 30 Day Escape Mode - You collect logs to build a raft to get off the island before the hurricane hits
  • Survival Mode - Survive as long as possible without your fire getting extinguished or dying some other way
  • Mini games - When you sleep you have an option to dream. In these dreams you can play mini games to gain items and coins
  • Customize your appearance - With the coins you find you can buy items such as hats, shirts and pants


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